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Pay It Forward:

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the raffle. It allowed me to come out to the Philippines. Also I would like to give a big shout out to Greg and his wife the promoters of the Tattoo Expo and the person who put all this together.  What a life-changing experience for me to see where these lil kids live and be able to help and hook them up because of what I do . Definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things sorry for so many post about this I will be doing some pretty cool tattoo's coming up in the next couple days So keep your eyes open. Thanks to  and#therobinhoodproject for the inspiration!

3 weeks ago

Thank u so much to everyone. It means a lot to me...the Preschool is getting hooked up now.  #therobinhoodproject      and my boy Thanks for everyone helpig me out throughout the year much respect...Follow my boy  big shout out to  And all the rest of the money will be going to the Philippines see u there CEBU !!!!!#romantattoos

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Roman's Gallery is Live!

The wait is over Roman's Tattoo Gallery is finally live! Roman's Gallery features many tattoos done over the past several years. The Gallery touches on all of Roman's tattoo styles from Color Realism to BioMechanical to Portraits and everything in between. Be sure to come back as the gallery will constantly be updated with each new creation Roman comes up with.

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Website Updates

Hey everyone!  Wanted to give you a little update on the website and what you can expect in the near future.  First off we are working on adding digital downloads, it has taken a little longer than we expected but bare with us and we will let you guys know as soon as they are up in the AE store. We are also working on adding more items as well.  Roman's new signature Sullen shirts will be out in the next few months so keep your eye's open for when they drop.  We are also working on adding some variety and different priced items for purchase, if you have any ideas on what you would like to see in the store drop us a line on the contact page.

Now that that's out of the way you probably are wondering why the Artists' galleries are not all up, well we are working on getting art from all of our artists and letting them pick what tattoos they would like featured to show their full line of work.  It's not easy getting these guy's away from tattooing but surely we will get it done.  At any time if you see work you  like and would like to get done by a particular artist fill out the contact form on their respective profile and it will go directly to them.  

If you have been here from the start we hope you have noticed the small changes made along the way to improve everyone's experience on  One of the coolest features we have is the ability to Sign up and become a part of the Artistic Element community.  By singing up you will join the Artistic Element community and will receive our email newsletter to keep you up on all things Artistic Element.  

Another cool feature when becoming a member is the ability to join the AE Forum.  The forum is a little slow for now like nothing at all but as members sign up it should be a place to talk about everything tattoos and the tattoo world.  If you have something to say or share the forum is a perfect place to get the word out.  If you have questions about tattoo aftercare or what to expect when getting a tattoo (if it happens to be your first) the forum is a great place to get ideas from people in the know.

We are also working on doing a tattoo of the month feature that will feature a tattoo done by one of our amazing artist and explain the idea behind the tattoo, how long it took to complete, and the process in which it was done, from lining to shading and everything in between.  

We hope you guys are having a positive experience, so keep coming back to see where the site is headed.  If you guys have any thoughts or ideas on what you would like to see from us, i.e. more photos, features or what not let us know and we will take it into consideration, in the mean time have fun and keep getting tattooed.

Artistic Element.

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Prescott Arizona

First and foremost, Artistic Element would like to take a moment and say that the fires that occurred on 06/30/13 in Northern Arizona that killed 19 firefighters "hotshots" is an absolute tragedy. Roman Abrego and Rich Pineda, another realism artist, are here tattooing at the Northern Arizona Tattoo Fest In Prescott Arizona and it's a sad occasion. The convention is at a great location and in such a picturesque community but the locals are still dealing with the loss of their own. This wonderful town in Northern Arizona is rallying together to remember the lives lost and donate as much as they can to the families that lost their loved ones last Sunday. While these firefighters and their families should have been planning and celebrating the Fourth of July, they are all instead dealing with the impact of the Prescott wildfires. Hopefully the fact that the 1st annual Northern Tattoo Convention has kick started and the Oldest Rodeo is upon Prescott it can bring some smiles back to the locals. 

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Northern Arizona Tattoo Fest

Hey guys, just wanted to mention, Roman will be in Prescott Arizona July 5th-7th tattooing at the Northern Arizona Tattoo Fest tattoo convention. He will have prints, DVD's and shirts for sell. Celebrate fourth of July with family and friends and then come check out the convention.

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If you happen to be in the Las Vegas area, come down to the SouthPoint Hotel & Casino. Roman is here fri-sat tattooing at the Art N Ink Festival. Sunday, he will be conducting a seminar on color realism & bio mechanics. He will also have his DVD's available for purchase at the convention, as well as at the seminar. Hope to see you there.

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ABOUT US: Artistic Element Tattoo

Artistic Element Tattoo was established in 2006 and is located in Yucaipa, Ca. The owner Roman Abrego is an internationally award winning tattoo artist, who has made quite a name for himself in the tattoo industry, as well as run a successful shop. He strives to have Tattoo Artists who are willing to push themselves outside their comfort zone to reach higher levels of success. He runs the shop with the attitude "I don't want to be a boss, I just want to tattoo, so show up on time and if you're not tattooing draw or paint," that's it. He just wants to tattoo and surround himself in an environment with individuals constantly striving to be better. He prides himself on giving quality tattoos and expects that of the Tattoo Artists that work at Artistic Element Tattoo. In 2012, Artistic Element 2 was established in Los Angeles, Ca. with Roman and his brother Rick Abrego partnering up to create a tattoo shop in one of the most desirable ares in the world. So check out our tattoos and come down and visit us... AE

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