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Pay It Forward:

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the raffle. It allowed me to come out to the Philippines. Also I would like to give a big shout out to Greg and his wife the promoters of the Tattoo Expo and the person who put all this together.  What a life-changing experience for me to see where these lil kids live and be able to help and hook them up because of what I do . Definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things sorry for so many post about this I will be doing some pretty cool tattoo's coming up in the next couple days So keep your eyes open. Thanks to  and#therobinhoodproject for the inspiration!

3 weeks ago

Thank u so much to everyone. It means a lot to me...the Preschool is getting hooked up now.  #therobinhoodproject      and my boy Thanks for everyone helpig me out throughout the year much respect...Follow my boy  big shout out to  And all the rest of the money will be going to the Philippines see u there CEBU !!!!!#romantattoos

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