Devitrification fish sperm

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By Jessica Thompson September 13, Within my first month of living in Japan came my first date in Japan. And with my first date in Japan came my first experience eating piscine semen. It was topped with some sliced spring onion, a shiso leaf and a soy sauce-based dressing. I asked my date, somewhat reluctantly, what it was. Fish sperm, he told me, through a mixture of broken English and pantomime circumlocution.
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Fish Sperm Physiology: Structure, Factors Regulating Motility, and Motility Evaluation

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Vitrification of Sperm from Marine Fishes: Effect on Motility and Membrane Integrity

Center for Aquaculture Technologies, Inc. The Southern Flounder Paralichthys lethostigma is a high-value species and a promising aquaculture candidate. The goal of this work was to develop a standardized approach for vitrification of Southern Flounder sperm. The specific objectives were to 1 evaluate thawing methods and vitrification solutions, 2 evaluate the postthaw membrane integrity of sperm vitrified in different cryoprotectant solutions, 3 examine the relationship between membrane integrity and motility, and 4 evaluate the ability of vitrified sperm to fertilize eggs. This is the first report of fertilization by vitrified sperm in a marine fish. Vitrification can be simple, fast, inexpensive, performed in the field, and, at least for small fishes, offers an alternative to conventional cryopreservation.
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The path to success for fish sperm

Wikimedia Commons Shirako, garnished with green onions and roe. For those from out of town, shirako serves as an unusual introduction into the more interesting side of Japanese cuisine. Shirako has long been a tradition in Japanese culture, despite its less-than-appealing appearance.
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For reproduction, most fish species adopt external fertilization: their spermatozoa are delivered in the external milieu marine- or freshwater that represents both a drastic environment and a source of signals that control the motility function. This chapter is an updated overview of the signaling pathways going from external signals such as osmolarity and ionic concentration and their membrane reception to their transduction through the membrane and their final reception at the flagellar axoneme level. Additional factors such as energy management will be addressed as they constitute a limiting factor of the motility period of fish spermatozoa. Modern technologies used nowadays for quantitative description of fish sperm flagella in movement will be briefly described as they are more and more needed for prediction of the quality of sperm used for artificial propagation of many fish species used in aquaculture. The chapter will present some applications of these technologies and the information to which they allow access in some aquaculture species.
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